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The missing note - (Prelude for piano).

Bernard Tonelle.

Water H# - Photograph by Bernard Tonelle.

Water H# - Photograph by Bernard Tonelle.

Water G# - Photograph by Bernard Tonelle.

Water G# - Photograph by Bernard Tonelle.

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"Abyss Scream" - Piano Improvisation - Bernard Tonelle.

Here is an improvisation I just recorded, inspired by the following portrait :

(of Lina Sastri by Augusto de Luca)

Augusto de Luca - Lina Sastri

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"Jeux d’accords à Tivoli".

Prélude pour piano. Bernard Tonelle.

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Roman Prelude - for Piano - Bernard Tonelle.

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Cold Cells.

Michael Wolf - The transparent city.

Michael Wolf - The transparent city.

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Antisonata for one piano and no percussions.

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Bossa Nova rhythm …

Someone sent me an email asking me to record a piano improvisation inspired by Brazil. I tried to do an improv’ on a bossa nova rhythm.

Bernard Tonelle.

Non-sourires à Lyon.

Non-sourires à Lyon.

Maurizio Pollini.

"All the area of the renewal of the language of the 20th century is not well-know, unfortunately, by the public, and this is an enormous pity. Because, in my opinion, this area of more advanced repertory is full of genius, and consist of the most important compositions."

Maurizio Pollini.

Glenn Gould - Sviatoslav Richter.

(speaking about Richter’s interpretation of Schubert : ‘Sonata in G major’)

"I was witnessing a union of two supposedly irreconcilable qualities. Intense analytical calculation revealed through a spontaneity equivalent to improvisation. And I realized at that moment, as I have on many subsequent occasions while listening to Richter’s recordings, that I was in the presence of one of the most powerful communicators the world of music has produced in our time."

Glenn Gould.

Samson François - Chopin.

"Je me suis aperçu que, justement, Chopin était beaucoup plus dur, … je veux dire, bâti en dur, … que ce que l’on pense. C’est du dessin, … c’est pas du fusain, …, c’est du dessin à la mine d’argent."

"As a matter of fact, I noticed that Chopin was truly more solid, … I mean, more solidly built, …, than people would think. It’s a drawing, … it’s not charcoal drawing, …, it’s silverpoint drawing."

Samson François.

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